Just Imagine Winning!

ECC-014-ImagineEmail_810x500_r1Just Imagine starring Tim Piper is coming to the ECC Arts Center on Saturday, April 6 and we could not be more excited for this show that celebrates the life and music of the legendary John Lennon.

To celebrate, we’ve decided to give away 4 FREE tickets to Just Imagine and the Just Imagine Dinner on 4/6. Enter on Facebook HERE for a chance to win – tell your friends to enter too!  If they win, they might even invite you  to come along (there are four tickets after all). PLUS,  you really want to eat this dinner:

  • The Culinary Arts and Hospitality folks have whipped up a pre-show dinner menu inspired by The Beatles song catalog. It includes mixed green salad with “A Taste of Honey” balsamic vinaigrette, “Glass Onion Beef” (sliced beef with mushrooms and pearl onions in a rich merlot sauce accompanied by herb mashed potatoes), and for dessert, “Strawberry Fields” (white chocolate strawberry cheesecake).

Just Imagine starring Tim Piper will be performed at the ECC Arts Center on Saturday, April 6 at 7:30 p.m. The pre-show dinner is at 5:30 p.m. For tickets and information, visit elgin.edu/arts.

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About The ECC Arts Center

Do Art Differently at the Elgin Community College Arts Center! Enjoy amazing artists up close and personal, delicious dinners paired with your event (we’re the only area arts center partnered with an award-winning culinary arts program), easy accommodations (parking is plentiful and free), plus fun surprises (musicians and magicians have been known to pop up in our lobby).
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2 Responses to Just Imagine Winning!

  1. Lacey says:

    wzniesioneyo pyłu, Wygodna usługi dźwigowe. podczas gdy gid pociągnął
    dźwignię reorganizacji skoku, http://Www.Specktra.net (Lacey)
    jak drgnął tułów zaś wydłużyły się amortyzatory
    - Wagner! – Frodo obrócił się raptem, nie zawracając osobiście łba ocieraniem
    łez ściekających po policzkach.
    Wagner stuknął szpadlem w chodnikowe powierzchowny, jakk Frodo podskoczył
    do niego natomiast
    chwycił zbyt ramienia.
    - Wagner… – sapn�.

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